Useful Links

Useful Links

Love of Learning - Writing focus

The following links provided by our English leaders of Learning support children of all abilities with refining their skills with writing, do take a look.

Wanting to develop exposure to language - this is a great resource!

The Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of visual resources that they have collected over 10 years.​

Looking for a vast range of materials that include films, Non-Fiction reading revision resources, ‘VIPERS’ reading resources, Classic Text VIPERS comprehensions, Novel study guides for teachers and student task booklets, Resources to aid the scaffolding of writing. Then LS plus is the place to go

Wanting activities for all key stages, built around Poetry Archive recordings and offering lively, engaging ways of working with poetry then look no further. .

If your child is wanting to write a great story but would like some extra support then we have

Here we have a huge range of resources from the BBC​

Visual learner? - needing inspiration for writing - look no further!

Using the magic of film to provide stimulus for our children - keeping it current....

Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust, funded by Kindred², the Department for Education, and supported by UK publishers. It provides parents, children and young people with activities and support to improve their language, literacy and communication skills from home.

Wanting to develop Spelling and Grammar, PunctuationWriting stories, reading, Poetry, look no further.....

For even more interactive English resources there are some super ideas here.

Looking from inspiration from a range of authors look no further - just brilliant!

Needing to revise a spelling rule?........ well here is an excellent resource to help with this.....ttps://

Turn your words on a page to screen with this amazing book creator...

Looking to revisit grammar topics, using and applying these rule then there is this great resource

Still need inspiration to write - then this site provides excellent visuals