Useful Links

Useful Links

Love of Learning - Science focus

Any children wanting to develop their dream of becoming a scientist in the future then we have these amazing sites that can help towards the 'dream' becoming a reality....

The Association of Science Education (ASE) - lots of fun and exciting lessons that have been designed to do at home

Primary Science Teaching Trust: Science Fun at Home - lots of activities for children to have some fun with science at home

Crest Awards: Home Learning Projects - colourful online booklets describing lots of science investigations suitable for home

Science Bob - watch videos on how to create the perfect slime, make a musical instrument with just a straw or even make an erupting volcano!


STEM Primary Science Demonstrations – lots of science experiments to watch, with some suitable to try out at home.

Online activities and Games*

Sheppard Software Animal Games – a range of engaging interactive games 

Sheppards software Early Years animal themed games

The Woodland Trust has a range of suggested activities and materials to support your child in making the most of the natural environment.

 Tree themed activities

Animal themed activities

Find out about flowers at Exploratorium: Science of Gardening – a closer look at the parts of a flower

Richard Hammonds: Invisible Worlds – a range of slow motion and time lapse videos from “extreme seeds” to “secrets of the hive”

Sheppard Software’s Lifecycles – animated lifecycles of a bird, butterfly and frog

Practical Science

Science Experiments with Dandelions – collect seeds and grow your own dandelions, investigate the purpose of flowers using dandelions, make a dandelion time line.

ExpeRimental from The Royal Institution - a series of short films making it fun and easy to do science experiments at home.

Or try some science experiments with Babble and Dabblea colourful and engaging presentation with simple experiments and the science behind the experiments explained.

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